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Sweet Wally


It all started with Wally…

October 27th 2018


           My name is Lauren and I’m the owner and founder of Camellia Creek Dachshunds in Lake View, AL. All of our Doxie babies are raised in home with all the love and attention they could ever want! They are well taken care of, eat quality food, are groomed and pampered regularly and we make sure of that!


We’re extremely passionate when it comes to our Dachshunds, their happiness, health and their quality of life and there’s a very big reason why… It all started with this sweet boy, Wally in 2011. He was our little family’s very first Dachshund baby. We got him from a breeder who was selling him as a puppy for cheap and without any papers. When we met Wally for the first time we fell in love! And he was our first born son, “fur-baby” from that day forth. When we brought him home he was scared of EVERYTHING and had severe anxiety issues that we had to work with him through over the years. After some time with us, he was doing better emotionally but started developing some health problems and after he turned 2 years old he developed skin issues, like little blisters that became infected and his beautiful blue & tan fur started falling out in heaps. Concerned, we took him to our vet who explained to us that Wally had alopecia, a genetic skin condition that is the result of poor breeding quality and he likely came from a puppy mill. We were distraught to think that he come from a bad home and we did everything we could to give him the best life possible and a good life is exactly what he had! Unfortunately, in mid 2018 he developed IVDD (Invertebral Disc Disease), which can also result from “bad breeding” and he became paralyzed. He spent countless hours at the vet and suffered in pain until he passed away from complications related to his treatments.


We. Were. Crushed. 


It was horrible watching a dear loved one go through something like that. He was the best companion I could have ever asked for and he especially loved his momma. I knew one day I’d get another Doxie baby but of course, I needed time to heal. We thought about how much we loved the breed and wanted to raise our own pups that were healthy and loved. Well, I come from a generational breeding family and grew up breeding lovable dogs. It was the highlight of my entire childhood, all the way up into early adulthood being around cuddly puppies. I dearly missed it and so after several months of researching our breed we decided as a family that it was just perfect for us! Now the rest is history!


The importance of your new family member coming from a good, loving home is immeasurable and with Camellia Creek Dachshunds you’ll never have to worry about where your baby came from, if they were taken care of properly or if they will be healthy after you bring them home. That’s our passion! – In loving memory of Wally.




*Special thanks to Arayah Reynolds with Sunshine Acres in Springville, AL in helping Camellia Creek Dachshunds get it’s start and providing invaluable mentorship through the process.

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